Rowland NMR Toolkit

  1. section -- Manage shared memory sections

  2. rnmrtk -- The main processing program in the Toolkit

  1. Graphical tools

    1. seepln -- A tool for graphical display of one-dimensional data

    2. contour -- A tool for graphical display of two-dimensional data

  2. Modern spectrum analysis tools

    1. blip            Backward linear prediction

    2. flip            Forward linear prediction

    3. inject        Add synthetic peaks to a time-domain data set

    4. ist            Iterative soft threshholding

    5. mlm        1D Maximum likelihood reconstruction

    6. msa        1D Maximum entropy reconstruction

    7. msa2d    2D Maximum entropy reconstruction

    8. msa3d    3D Maximum entropy reconstruction

    9. Also see NUS

  3. Analysis tools

    1. inject        Add synthetic peaks to time domain data

    2. xpeakfit    Fit a model function to cross-peaks in 2D spectra

  4. Other tools

    1. adump       Create an ASCII dump of one-dimensional data

    2. pspreview    Convert a PostScript file to Encapsulated PostScript

    3. select            Compress a non-linearly sampled data set

    4. undiag        Remove diagonal peaks by subtracting a time-domain model

    5. zsample        set samples not in sample schedule to zero