The Toolkit is currently distributed via email. Fax (+1-860-679-8407) or email ( the scanned license agreement (download below). Not-for-profit users enter “None” in the section marked “License fee”. Commercial users contact Jeff Hoch for details.

RNMRTK license agreement

Two distributions are available, which include pre-compiled executables for Apple OS X or Linux.

Source code is provided along with “MAKE” files for compiling the Toolkit for the AIX (IBM) and Altix (SGI) operating systems. The current release is v3.1.

System requirements:

One of the following operating systems

OS X (Apple) version 10.0 or later




We recommend 2 gigabytes of RAM.

Compilation requires FORTRAN and C compilers. MAKE files for GNU (g77, gfortran), Intel ifort, IBM (xlf), and SGI (f77) are included. Execution requires the appropriate FORTRAN run-time libraries. The graphical tools require the X11 window system.